Meetup Saga continues and it is on September 19th, 2020

Abdul Rauf
2 min readSep 10, 2020

“Sweden developed herd immunity after refusing to lockdown”

Well, such is the nature of our conversations these days. But there are interesting conversations, happening everywhere. Some of these are happening at DOTVVM as well.

If you have been following us then you would have seen the Tomáš was invited to present at C#corner, here is the recording in case if you have missed the talk. We’ll cut the banter and get to the point, Tomas presented on DotVVM — Build & Modernize ASP.NET Apps — AMA.

  • Introduction to DotVVM
  • How DotVVM works
  • How can DotVVM run in WebForms app and help with its journey to .NET Core

And now for this meetup which will be happening on 19th September 16:00 UTC

About Speaker

Vincent Nwonah

Vincent is a Senior Software Developer working from Africa’s Technology Hub — Lagos, Nigeria. His areas of expertise include Xamarin, Asp.Net Core, and DotVVM.

Vincent was recently awarded MVP and he is also Developer Advocate for DotVVM where is presents developers how to leverage all the awesome functionalities DotVVM offers out of the box to build large and small applications faster, more securely and cheaper.

Vincent is currently building distributed applications using microservices in C#, Go, and Typescript so feel free to reach out to him for conversations .

Who should join:

Are you a developer or looking to join the developer community? Are you looking for like-minded, driven web developers to network and learn together? If you like DotVVM or just simply hanging out with interesting people, this is the platform for you. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please note this meetup is community-driven and Free of cost.

Time and Date: 16:00 UTC, September 19, Saturday.

Virtual Location: TBA


Welcome note

Talk by Vincent

Q&A session

Open Mic session

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